Corporate legal protection insurance TOP

Disputes can quickly become costly and stressful. Our corporate legal protection insurance TOP module provides comprehensive cover in disputes with customers, suppliers and service providers.

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Corporate legal protection insurance TOP in brief

Corporate legal protection insurance TOP is suitable for all companies wishing to protect themselves against the legal and financial risks that may arise in disputes with customers and suppliers. It provides insurance in the areas of intellectual property law, tax law and antitrust law. You can take out this module as a supplement to the corporate legal protection insurance module BASIC.

Your benefits

Legal success

Excellent corporate legal protection insurance.

  • Ideal way to supplement corporate legal protection BASIC
  • Quick and competent help from legal specialists
  • Coverage of up to CHF 500,000 in Switzerland
  • Coverage of up to CHF 250,000 worldwide

Practical examples

Extended contract law
Construction Ltd is renovating the entrance area of a hotel. The hotel has brought a complaint against Construction Ltd on account of incorrectly executed building work and claims that water runs into the entrance area when it rains. Thanks to our intervention, the complaint is rejected.

Ownership and property law in relation to movable property
Industry GmbH has bought a new lathe from Sale Ltd. Sale Ltd unexpectedly claims reservation of title. Thanks to our intervention, Sale Ltd’s claims are successfully dismissed.

Intellectual property law
Start-Up Application GmbH has used pictures from the Internet to improve the look of its App. A copyright owner contacts Application GmbH and demands compensation. Thanks to our intervention, the matter is resolved by mutual agreement.

Cartel law
Price GmbH receives a letter from the Competition Commission (WEKO) and has to provide information on possible price agreements. We support Price GmbH immediately and help it to react correctly and professionally to WEKO.

Tax law
Good GmbH receives a VAT assessment with which it is not in agreement. We lodge an appeal and successfully assert Good GmbH’s claims.

Data protection
Mr Grudge accuses Marketing Ltd of having used his personal data in an email without taking appropriate security measures. We show that the accusation is unfounded.

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