Vehicle legal protection insurance

The vehicle legal protection insurance module helps keep you safe when on the road. It provides comprehensive cover in disputes involving vehicles and road traffic incidents.

Image Not Found Worldwide insurance coverage
Image Not Found Cover of up to CHF 1 million per legal case
Image Not Found No reduction in benefits due to gross neglige
Image Not Found No deductible, no minimum disputed sum
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Vehicle legal protection insurance in brief

Vehicle legal protection insurance is suitable for companies that use vehicles commercially. It provides worldwide cover for disputes involving vehicles and road traffic incidents. The costs of lawyer’s fees, expert opinions and court proceedings are covered up to a value of CHF 1 million per case. You can take out this module as a supplement to the corporate legal protection insurance module BASIC.

Your benefits

Safe wherever you go

Ideal for companies that use vehicles commercially.

  • Pays legal, court, expertise and procedural costs
  • No reduction of benefits in the event of gross negligence
  • Quick and competent help from legal specialists
  • Coverage up to CHF 1 million per legal case in Switzerland
  • Coverage up to CHF 500,00 per legal case worldwide

Practical examples

Insurance law
Construction Ltd's motor vehicle insurer refuses to provide any benefits following a road traffic accident. We intervene on the company’s behalf and prove that the insurance has an obligation to pay.

Ownership and property law of company vehicles
Cement Ltd sells a company vehicle. The leasing company wrongfully claims reservation of title. We show that Cement Ltd’s sale of the car was lawful.

Licence suspension
While driving a company car on the motorway, an employee of Right GmbH overtook several vehicles on the right. As a result, his driving license is suspended for six months. Thanks to our intervention, the length of the suspension is reduced.

Vehicle taxation
Owing to an incorrect assessment, the heavy vehicle charge was too high. We intervened to correct the classification and thus lower the charge.

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