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Top commercial legal protection


Disputes with customers or suppliers can quickly become costly and stressful. The Top commercial legal protection module provides comprehensive cover in disputes with customers, suppliers and service providers, and is the ideal way to extend the cover provided by the Basic module.

Fortuna Top commercial legal protection


The perfect way to extend your basic cover

Top commercial legal protection is suitable for all companies wishing to protect themselves against the legal and financial risks that may arise in disputes with customers and suppliers.


What is insured?

  • Disputes with customers, suppliers, service providers and competitors
  • Disputes involving intellectual property and tax law

How you benefit

  • Ideal way to supplement Basic commercial legal protection
  • Protection in intellectual property and tax matters
  • Worldwide cover
  • No deductible, no minimum amount in dispute
  • Fast, competent help from experienced legal experts and lawyers

How Top commercial legal protection insurance works


Real-life examples

Extended contract law
Cook AG has properly installed the new kitchen in its customer’s home. Nevertheless, the customer is suing the company for faulty workmanship. Thanks to Fortuna, the lawsuit is dismissed.


Ownership and property rights
Sales AG is claiming that it retains title to Industry GmbH’s new gear grinding machine. Thanks to Fortuna, Sales AG’s claims can be successfully rejected.


Intellectual property law
Theft AG claims that Good GmbH’s new company logo has been stolen and is in breach of trademark law. Fortuna proves that these accusations are unfounded.


Tax law
After Good GmbH’s objection to a VAT assessment has been rejected, Fortuna takes steps on the company’s behalf to successfully defend its claims.


Data protection
Mr Grouse accuses Marketing AG of making unlawful use of his personal data. Fortuna proves that this accusation is unfounded.


Your cover begins after a waiting period of 60 days from the date the contract begins. The insurance covers legal cases that occur during the contract term and are reported to Fortuna during that period. When the contract comes to an end, the insurance is renewed automatically for one year at a time unless cancelled one month beforehand.

Top commercial legal protection insurance has a maximum insured amount of CHF 500,000 per legal case in Switzerland and, if specified, CHF 250,000 in Europe and CHF 100,000 in the rest of the world.

Depending on the module and insured risk, cover applies in Switzerland, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Your company and the day-to-day operations of the co-insured companies and subsidiaries listed in your policy. 

The premium is based on your company’s operations, revenue, total payroll and number of employees.

Additional MODULES

We offer a range of modules that can be added to Basic commercial legal protection as optional extras. You are free to choose whichever modules your company most needs to extend its basic cover. In addition to Top commercial legal protection, the following insurance modules are available:

For companies that use vehicles commercially and wish to insure themselves against disputes involving vehicles and road traffic incidents anywhere in the world. Cover of up to CHF 1,000,000 per legal case for lawyers’ and court fees, expert opinions and other costs of proceedings.

For companies that frequently use the internet and are seeking worldwide cover for disputes involving breaches of privacy (cyberbullying), credit card and identity theft (cybercrime), and disputes over domain names.

For the owners and landlords of commercial premises who want to protect themselves in disputes involving properties, public planning laws and neighbours rights, or disputes with tenants as a landlord.

For companies that don’t want to handle debt collection themselves and would like to insure the collection of receivables. 15 credit assessments are included.

For companies wishing to obtain comprehensive, first-hand advice from a lawyer as their personal point-of-contact in all legal matters, regardless of what cover they hold.

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