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Daily sickness allowance insurance


Illness is still the most common reason for workplace absences. So it makes sense to protect your company against that eventuality: with loss of earnings insurance, Generali pays the salaries of your employees who are too ill to work. What’s more, we help recognise and prevent the causes of illness. This form of insurance is often also known as daily sickness allowance insurance.

What daily sickness allowance insurance covers


All-round protection when your employees fall ill

If employees are unable to work due to illness, your company is obliged to continue paying their salary. That can quickly become expensive! A good reason for insuring the salaries with loss of earnings cover from Generali: we take on your obligation to pay when employees are absent due to illness.


What is insured?

  • Daily sickness allowance insurance covers the salary costs of your employees who are off sick by paying a daily indemnity


What optional extras are available?

  • You can opt to take out cover for daily indemnities for maternity or paternity leave
  • If you are self-employed, you can also insure daily accident benefits
  • Additional costs arising when important staff members miss work can be covered under key person insurance

How you benefit

  • Report absences quickly and easily online
  • Notify your current payroll directly online using the electronic payroll data transmission system (ELM)
  • Generali will obtain a second opinion on your behalf
  • We accompany those affected throughout their illness and intervene at an early stage to get them back to work as quickly as possible.
  • We help you find your way through the social insurance jungle and assist you in seeking out preventive services
  • Case management helps to get employees successfully back to work.
  • Optional: inclusion of maternity and paternity leave, daily accident benefit, self-employed operating expenses

How daily sickness allowance insurance works


Real-life example

Melina Broder owns Pandoro – a bakery that now has four branches. Ms Broder needs to be able to rely on her employees to keep the business running smoothly. To protect her employees and her own existence, she has taken out daily sickness allowance insurance with Generali.


After years of good attendance figures, this year, three of her employees are signed off work for an indefinite period due to illness. Despite this, Pandoro’s customers still expect to enjoy the usual quality of baked goods, so Melina Broder is forced to hire additional staff. This entails a great deal of expense.


Her daily sickness allowance insurance removes some of the burden: it pays the wages of the employees who are off sick for the entire period required by law, and even beyond – in the case of long-term absences, Generali pays salaries for up to another two years and, if requested, provides employees with proactive support in achieving a return to working life. Improving the healing process aids faster recovery. Melina Broder is relieved; without daily sickness allowance insurance her company would not have been able to cope with these absences.



The premium is based on the insured risk, your chosen options and the total payroll for all employees. We grant a discount if you also take out contracts for accident insurance or supplementary accident insurance with Generali.

Yes, a variety of cover options can be taken out for a specific group of people.


Occupational accident insurance from Generali covers your company and employees against accidents, right from the very first healthcare expenses that arise.

If employees in key functions are missing from work, the consequences can be particularly far-reaching. With key person insurance you can cover yourself for rental costs and the salaries of other employees, for example.

Protect your business and inventory against property damage and personal injury, business interruption and the destruction of IT equipment. Business inventory and commercial liability insurance is comprehensive, flexible and includes everything in one policy.

Insurance for technical equipment protects your company and its machines against repairs necessitated by damage, the cost of replacing plant and equipment, and loss of revenue due to business interruption.

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