SME Academy – IT Security Training

Jul 9, 2020.

Cyber​attacks against companies and institutions have become a lucrative business model for criminals. With many companies forced by corona to introduce homeworking almost overnight, the attacks have increased. Find out why employees working from home are a popular target for hackers, and how you can protect your company using simple methods.


  • Intro: recent examples from the media, SMEs as hacking target, statistics and influence of corona
  • Data protection and working from home: pitfalls in using cloud services and VPNs, case study
  • Simulation of a hacker attack: fictitious attack scenario, suitable protective measures, types of attack
  • My company has been hacked! What can I do? Emergency plan, FAQs from an IT and insurance perspective.
  • Question and answer session



How you benefit

  • You become more familiar with the potential cyber risks facing your company.
  • You know how to protect your company.
  • You learn how attackers proceed and what interests they pursue. Principle: know your enemy
  • You know what measures allow you to work safely from home.
  • You are able to make your own assessment of the risks to your company and learn what tools you need to help you.
  • You are able to draw up your own emergency plan for your company.
  • All participants will be given a do-it-yourself security check (checklist).


"In the fast-paced world of SMEs, where IT as a tool 'simply has to work', the dangers from the Internet are often underestimated and countermeasures neglected."


Jonathan Wälchli, Managing Director of WAJO Group GmbH





Jonathan Wälchli

Managing Director

WAJO Group GmbH


Ali Avci

Senior Expert Product Manager Non Life

Generali Switzerland





About the SME Academy

The Swiss SME Survey revealed the challenges faced by SMEs and self-employed business owners in the age of COVID-19. Impressed by so much entrepreneurship, we've joined forces with the Swiss SME Association (SKV) to launch the SME Academy. A large number of experts share their practical knowledge in short online training sessions specifically designed to help SMEs and self-employed people during these difficult times. The training session was held in German.