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SME Academy – Lasting powers of attorney

Jul 14, 2020.

What happens to a company if the owner suddenly loses the capacity to make rational decisions due to an accident – or, in this special case, serious illness? Who has access to the company account and who takes important business decisions? In his online training session, our expert Markus Hemmeler shows you how to make important arrangements with the help of a lasting power of attorney, thus safeguarding your company's ability to act even in an emergency.


  • Intro
  • Case study
  • What happens if you don't take any precautions? Law on child and adult protection, adult protection instruments, tasks of the adult protection authority
  • Where do gaps and threats to your SME arise?
  • Protection thanks to a lasting power of attorney: how it works, components, formal aspects, templates, case study with potential solution
  • FAQs


How you benefit

  • You understand what effect the law on child and adult protection can have on your business activities.
  • You get to know the lasting power of attorney: how it works, its components, formal aspects and templates, as well as what arrangements you can make through it.
  • You know how to draw up a lasting power of attorney and where to find the right documents.





Markus Hemmeler


Financial planner with federal diploma

Generali Schweiz



About the SME Academy

The Swiss SME Survey revealed the challenges faced by SMEs and self-employed business owners in the age of COVID-19. Impressed by so much entrepreneurship, we've joined forces with the Swiss SME Association (SKV) to launch the SME Academy. A large number of experts share their practical knowledge in short online training sessions specifically designed to help SMEs and self-employed people during these difficult times. The training session was held in German.