On the safe side with legal protection insurance

Aug 5, 2022.

Overbooked flights, a dispute with a neighbour, disagreements in the workplace or involvement in a road accident: a dispute can rapidly escalate into an expensive legal case. Get quick and competent dispute assistance from legal experts and lawyers with Generali legal protection insurance. It will save you time, money and hassle.


Five good reasons to have legal protection insurance

  • Everything from a single source: Legal protection insurance facilitates access to justice without the back and forth between bodies and agencies. Insured persons can submit their issues quickly and easily either online or by post. Let us take care of the next steps for you.
  • Preventative: You can request legal advice via the telephone hotline 058 472 72 00 to help prevent an incident from even happening. Our specialists are on hand to offer you competent advice in a consultation. This gives you additional peace of mind and guidance.
  • Make it a fair fight: If your opponent has legal representation or legal protection insurance, it is generally impossible to face them on an equal footing without the support of a specialist. Our legal specialists give you access to justice by analysing the legal situation, advising you and representing your interests in court.
  • Financial security: Our legal protection insurance covers both internal case handling costs as well as the costs associated with court proceedings, legal representation, expensive reports and mediation proceedings. Fortuna TOP, a combination of the product variants personal legal protection and motorists’ legal protection, protects you against legal risks for just CHF 295 as an individual.
  • Psychological aspect: Take the stress off yourself by using legal protection insurance to resolve your legal dispute and leaving the problem to specialists.



By the way: a lawyer isn’t always the answer

Especially in long-term relationships under tenancy and neighbours’ rights law or employment law, a mediator can reconcile disputing parties in out-of-court proceedings. This process is also termed mediation. The benefit? Instead of court proceedings, which are generally associated with very high procedural costs, Fortuna legal protection clients can opt for mediation. Fortuna legal protection insurance covers the costs associated with mediation. Our article explains in detail how mediation works and how it differs from traditional court proceedings. In our podcast, our expert Luzius Jost explains first hand exactly how the mediation process works and talks about the most common causes of neighbour disputes.