Aug 21, 2023.

A dispute with your neighbours, an incorrect credit card charge or a traffic accident with consequences: suddenly, an everyday occurrence becomes a legal case. If you want to fight for your rights, you need help from a professional. Legal specialist Pinar Eckert López explains the differences between the services of a lawyer and the protection provided by legal protection insurance.

Pinar, legal protection insurance or a lawyer: which makes more sense?


As a general rule, both offer specialist knowledge that will help you with legal issues, such as when legal problems arise after a traffic accident, when shopping or with neighbours. Especially in the case of everyday disagreements, however, there is often no need for lawyers or expensive court proceedings, because mediation is enough. This discussion between the two parties is chaired by an independent expert with the aim of reaching clear agreements. Legal protection insurance covers the costs of such mediation proceedings.  


What additional benefits does legal protection insurance offer me?


Our legal protection insurance is a reliable support that provides you with broad-based cover and helps you with legal expertise whenever you need it. Experts analyse your legal situation and represent your interests, if necessary in court. In such a case, we will provide you with an experienced lawyer and assume the legal fees and court costs. You can also call our telephone hotline for advice, including preventive advice, at any time. Such a discussion often clarifies the key questions and the next steps. You can also download the key sample templates free of charge in the knowledge hub on our website. 



When should I consult a lawyer directly?


If you definitely want to go straight to court, do not yet have legal protection insurance and would like to choose your own lawyer, then you should contact a lawyer. In addition, certain branches of law may not be covered by your legal protection insurance (such as migration law or active criminal law). In such cases, our lawyers can provide you with an initial assessment and also recommend whether a lawyer is advisable. 



What makes more sense financially?


The hourly rate charged by lawyers is often very high (in Switzerland, usually between CHF 200 and CHF 500). You can get legal protection insurance for the whole family for as little as CHF 400 per year. This not only covers legal fees, but also other expenses that arise in connection with legal disputes. This includes internal costs incurred when assessing your case, costs for court proceedings and expert opinions and costs for the lawyer representing you in court.

About Pinar

“This insurance is an invisible support that provides you with broad-based cover and helps you with a great deal of specialist expertise.”


Pinar Eckert López, legal expert, Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance


Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance – a subsidiary of Generali Switzerland – has been helping customers to access justice for 50 years. During this time, it has grown significantly and now applies the expertise and experience of over 100 employees in 31 branches of law.