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Been terminated by your employer and feel the dismissal was not justified? Is the employment reference not complete or does not reflect the truth? You do not have to agree with it. You can use our sample templates to reach a solution with the employer.

Sample templates

Is your reference letter incomplete or inaccurate? Create a draft of all the changes you would like your employer to make and send it to your employer along with our template.


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Are you pregnant, on maternity leave or in the military? Are you incapacitated for work and in the statutory waiting period in accordance with Article 336c (1b) CO (30 days in the first year of service, 90 days for the second through fifth years and 180 days from the sixth year of service)? Then your termination could be invalid. Notify your employers using our letter template and state your willingness to continue working.


Further information about this topic can be found in our article.


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Have you received a termination without notice and believe that the reasons stated by your employer do not justify a termination without notice? Read our article on this topic and use our letter template to object to your termination without notice.


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Have you been terminated and believe that the reasons that the employer stated in writing are wrongful? Learn more about your rights in our article. Use our letter template to file an appeal against the wrongful termination before the notice period has expired.


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Did your employer terminate your contract and you have now become incapacitated for work during the notice period? And have you also already completed the probation period? If you answered yes to both questions, the notice period is interrupted and only continues once you have regained the capacity to work or the statutory notice period in accordance with Article 336c (1b) CO has expired. The statutory waiting period is 30 days in the first year of service, 90 days in the second through fifth years of service and 180 days thereafter. The employment relationship then ends at the end of the following month.


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Do you want to terminate your employment contract? Then you must comply with the notice period in your employment contract (or framework/collective bargaining agreement). If nothing is specified there, check the legal notice period in accordance with Article 335c(1) of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). Your employer must receive your notice of termination by the last day of the month for the notice period to begin on the first day of the following month. To be on the safe side, you should send our letter template via registered letter and also via e-mail in advance. Please note that your unemployment benefit could be reduced in case of termination by the employee.


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