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Suitable home financing: fixed or variable rate

You finally want to realise your long-standing dream of owning your own home? Whether it's a single-family home with a garden or an owner-occupied flat in the city, whether you want the predictability of fixed interest rates or market-based financing at variable interest rates, if you get a mortgage, your dream moves within your grasp.

Generali - your insurer - also grants mortgages for your owner-occupied property

You buy property for occupation by its owner - a single-family house or owner-occupied flat - that you will live in yourself.

You already own a home and are also interested in refinancing.


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Our mortgage models currently include:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages with terms of two to ten years


A fixed-rate mortgage guarantees you a consistent interest charge for the selected term. That makes it easier for you to budget for your living costs. The mortgage cannot be terminated during the fixed term. Early withdrawal in exchange for a fee is possible if the property is sold.

  • Variable mortgages


Interest rates for variable mortgages are determined by the market and may change with an advance notice of three months. The mortgage can be terminated at any time with a notice period of six months.

Useful information about mortgages at a glance

Current interest rates


The interest rates stated are for information purposes only and may change at any time without notice before the policy is concluded.


Status as of:  08.04.2024

Term 1st mortgage in % per annum 2nd mortgage in % per annum
Fixed mortgages    
2 years 2.04 2.44
3 years 2.04 2.44
4 years 1.96 2.36
5 years 1.98 2.38
6 years


7 years 2.03 2.43
8 years 2.01 2.41
9 years1 2.03 2.43
10 years 2.06 2.46
Variable mortgages 2.75 3.25
(New policies)    

We finance residential property (owner-occupied flats, single-family houses) at a maximum of 80% and multy-family houses at a maximum of 75 % of the property's market value - 66% as a first mortgage and 14% as a second mortgage.


We don't finance specialist properties – holiday homes, production facilities, restaurants, business premises and luxury/dream houses, for example.

The market value is the current value of the property being financed and is determined on the basis of an estimate. Your residential property is well-maintained and of high quality.

The equity capital you use to finance your own home must be paid in cash. If you would like to use Pillar 2 funds to purchase your own home, these must be withdrawn. However, at least 10% must always be paid in cash as equity capital.

The annual payment consisting of the mortgage interest rate, amortisation and ancillary costs may not exceed 33% of your net income. To quality for financing from Generali, you must have an excellent credit rating and good solvency.


Affordability calculation

Here is an example to show how affordability is calculated:
Market value of the property CHF 1'000'000
1st mortgage - no more than 66% of the market value CHF 660'000
2nd mortgage - no more than 14% of the market value CHF 140'000
Deposit CHF 200'000
  CHF 1'000'000
5% interest per year for 1st mortgage CHF 33'000
5% interest per year for 2nd mortgage CHF 7'000
Annual premium for amortisations policy(ies) (15 years) CHF 9'300
Ancillary costs (usually 1% of the market value) CHF 10'000
Annual payment CHF 59'300
Payment per month CHF 4'942
Monthly net income required CHF 14'974


The second mortgage must be amortised within 15 years or no later than the time of retirement. The amortisation may be made directly or indirectly through a providence policy. The policy is to be pledged.