Death benefits insurance

How would your loved ones cope financially if you were to die? Our death benefits insurance is a cost-effective solution to protect those dearest to you. So they won’t face financial problems as well as loss.

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How death benefits insurance works

Our death benefits insurance can be taken out either with a constant or decreasing sum insured. For even greater protection, you can also choose from a number of optional add-ons. Speak with one of our experts for personalised advice on which add-ons would best meet your needs, or take out death benefits insurance, plus additional risk cover, online, quickly and easily by clicking here.

Your benefits

Maximum protection in the event of death

To keep things manageable for those left behind.

  • Choice of sum insured
  • Advance death benefits withdrawal – add for free now
  • Protect your mortgage
  • Choice of additional modules
  • Tax advantages: saving under pillar 3
Continuation of your business

Financial protection for business partners.

  • High sum insured for maximum protection
  • Instant release of funds to business
  • Repay loans and maintain liquidity

Death benefits insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Death benefit

Optional add-ons

Insurance options

Constant sum insured

Decreasing sum insured

Personal pension consultation for you

For an analysis of your situation and personalised quotes.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Security for your loved ones
  • Guaranteed death benefit lump sum
  • Free choice of sum insured
  • Lump sum benefit paid directly to beneficiaries

Death benefit 
Our death benefits insurance will protect your loved ones and business partners with a guaranteed lump sum benefit payout in the event you should die. Plus, you can choose the sum to insure and the benefit will be paid out directly to your surviving dependants.  


Loans and mortgages 
This lump sum benefit could, for example, enable your loved ones to repay loans and mortgages, which would lighten both their emotional and financial load. 

In brief

  • Premium exemption
  • Pension for loss of earning capacity
  • Lump sum in the event of accidental death

Optional add-ons  
If you want to, you can add additional coverage to your death benefits insurance policy to ensure that you have even more comprehensive protection for certain events. For example, you might want cover as a way of protecting your standard of living in the event that you are no longer able to work. 


Optional add-ons at a glance 

  • Premium exemption: If you experience a loss of earning capacity, we’ll continue paying the premium for your death benefits insurance. 
  • Pension for loss of earning capacity: If you become unable to work because of illness or accident, we’ll pay you a regular pension. In a worst-case scenario, this will be a tremendous financial relief. 
  • Lump sum in the event of death resulting from accident: Should you die as the result of an accident, you will be paid the agreed lump-sum benefit. This lump sum payment will be paid in addition to the benefits from the main insurance.  

In brief

  • Lump-sum death benefit remains the same
  • Financial risk remains the same
  • Perfect for first mortgages

Constant sum insured
With this option, the sum insured will remain the same over the entire policy term. This option is perfect for protecting your family or business partners if your debt will remain unchanged. 


When this option is perfect

  • If you have a first-time mortgage that you are not going to pay off.
  • If you are not having to make regular debt repayments.
  • If you have taken out business loans for your own business.


Advance death benefits withdrawal
With this insurance variant, you can add the option of withdrawing your death benefits early. If your life expectancy is less than twelve months – e.g. because of an incurable disease – you can withdraw your lump-sum death benefit there and then. This allows you to decide what to do with your money while you are still alive. To take advantage of this option, please contact one of our advisors.

In brief

  • Lump-sum benefit decreases
  • For decreasing financial risk
  • If you are paying off your debt
  • Perfect for second mortgages

Decreasing sum insured 
The agreed sum insured decreases every year by a constant amount. This is a good option in particular if your financial risks will decline over time. 


When this option is perfect

  • If you have a second mortgage that you are gradually paying off.
  • If the money needed for your children’s education is decreasing.
  • If you are gradually paying off your debt.

Practical examples

Protect your loved ones in a worst-case scenario.

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