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Looking to buy or sell a car? Allegedly breached the Road Traffic Act? Threatened with having your licence suspended? Our sample letters will help you. Use our vehicle purchase contract or use our templates to lodge an appeal against a fine.


Have you violated the Road Traffic Act and the driver and vehicle licensing office is now threatening to suspend your licence? Unless you dispute the violation, you can use this letter template to request the legal minimum suspension period. The most important argument is that you absolutely require your driving licence for your work. You must prove this necessity with a certificate from your employer.


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Have you received a summary penalty order and you dispute the matter of which you are accused? With this letter template, you can submit your appeal against the summary penalty order. You must send this letter to the law enforcement authority via registered letter within ten days of receiving the summary penalty order.


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Looking to buy or sell a car? Use our purchase contract template. Before using the contract, we recommend that you read our article on this topic.


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Inspect the purchased used vehicle immediately after taking possession of it. Are there defects that are unusual in view of the age and condition of the vehicle? Unless it is a purchase under exclusion of warranty, you can use our letter template to try to come to an agreement with the seller on a reduction in the purchase price or the return of the vehicle. Be sure to send this letter within two to three days after taking possession of the vehicle.


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Has your car been towed away because you parked in a private parking space without authorisation? If towing was disproportionate, as is the case when you could easily have been identified as the keeper, for example, we recommend that you do not pay the towing costs. Fight back against the towing company’s invoice with this template.


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