Tomorrow Invest

Our sustainable investment plan

Smart pensions are a question of mindset. That’s because our decisions have a far-reaching impact. On the environment, on the economy and on society. With our investment plan Tomorrow Invest, you invest in pioneering key sectors and in certified companies with a proven commitment to a better world. And you can look forward to sustainable returns. Sound like a good plan?



How you benefit

  • Strict selection criteria for sustainable companies
  • More than just “green”
  • Focus on Swiss companies
  • Experts ensure the perfect composition of your investment plan


How do we select sustainable companies?

Starting with a global list of exchange-listed companies, we select the ones that match our standards and values.



Evaluation by Sustainalytics – selection by Generali Investments

Sustainalytics is a leading global company that evaluates the sustainability of companies. All of the companies in which we invest have a top rating.


Sustainalytics screens companies in different areas. They include emissions and waste as well as occupational health. Based on this evaluation, our investment experts prepare the investment plan to make it as strong as possible.



How can you join Tomorrow Invest?

When you take out life insurance with us, you can choose from three savings profiles. With the PROFIT profile, you can select Tomorrow Invest as an investment option. And Tomorrow Invest is available as a simple investment solution.


Our life insurance policies with sustainable investment options:

  • PREVIDENZA provident insurance package
  • SCALA life insurance
  • PERFORMA savings insurance
  • KIDS insurance plan for children


Our certified advisors:

  • create a custom analysis of your needs.
  • highlight the opportunities Tomorrow Invest can offer you.
  • answer your questions about sustainable investing.


Arrange a personal meeting with an advisor near you.


A good feeling. A good return. A good plan.

You decide how much to invest in equities – we have an investment plan with 50% equity component and one with 100%.