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Bike insurance

Feel safe out on the road

Do you cycle regularly? Whether you ride to work or in your spare time, cycling is fun. But the fun can quickly turn serious: having an accident, or damaging or losing your bike can be costly. With the bike insurance PRISMA Flex, you benefit from comprehensive cover in situations like these. 




Cycling keeps us fit, gets us out into the fresh air and is also environmentally friendly. In heavy urban traffic, cycling is also the most efficient way to get around. But that also means that we shouldn't underestimate the risk of an accident. Something can happen in the blink of an eye – with serious consequences. And unfortunately, bikes are a common target for thieves. 


Generali’s bike insurance protects you in situations like these. In the event of a fatal accident, it pays compensation to the victim’s relatives. The costs for repairing your damaged bike are also covered, and if your bike is stolen, Generali’s bike insurance also pays your deductible. Furthermore, you benefit from comprehensive Bike Assistance – so when you're on the road, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.



Collision accidental damage

This insurance covers the costs for repair as well as for the replacement of parts on your bicycle up to a maxi­mum of the purchase value, including your personal effects up to CHF 1,000. In the case of a total loss, the replacement cost of an identical bicycle at the time of the loss will be paid. If a collision results in a death, Generali will pay CHF 5,000 in compensation to rightful claimants. If your bicycle is stolen, Generali will assume the deductible on your household contents insurance (up to CHF 500).

In the event of a legal dispute resulting from an accident, the bicycle legal protection insurance covers lawyers’ fees and court costs up to CHF 50,000.

Bike theft


This insurance covers the loss, destruction or damage of the insured bicycle as a result of theft, theft for temporary use, misappropriation, robbery or attempted robbery.

Bike Assistance in Switzerland and abroad

24-hour assistance in the event of
breakdown, theft or accident

The following costs are covered:
- Breakdown assistance/towing
- Continuation of journey (e.g. the cost of a rented bike)
- Time spent waiting during repairs (e.g. hotel costs)
- Collection of vehicle
- Return journey costs
- Organisation of transportation to hospital and advance   payment of hospital costs
- Travel information line