Want to be at the heart of the action for six months? We guarantee this with the university internship at Generali.

Do you want to do a university internship? Many companies offer them. But a university internship where you can help to rethink the insurance industry? That’s only possible at Generali. Would you like to do things with us differently from how we’ve done them before? Then this is the place for you.


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What our former interns say

"Discussing matters with colleagues and line managers on an equal footing, being able to develop on a professional and personal level, and being given responsibility and the necessary support. That's what an internship at Generali looks like. In other words: the ideal environment to become the best you can be!"


Alexander Salamon

"A university internship at Generali lets you play a hands-on role rather than merely being a spectator. Your day-to-day dealings with other employees really make you feel valued. It's the best possible way to develop your potential and continue to grow personally."


Greta Kurpicz

"The corporate culture at Generali and Fortuna is particularly communicative and there's a real camaraderie. It's the perfect introduction to the world of insurance. Right from the very first day, I was put in charge of projects and given the chance to work in different areas of the business and actively voice my opinion."


Fabienne Horber




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