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Discover the many and varied opportunities for designing a career and developing yourself at Generali.


What we can promise professionals

Lots of opportunities to play a decisive part


At Generali, not every way to achieve the right results is laid down in advance. You have a broad scope for acting on your own and opportunities to apply your experience and skills.

The One Big Family spirit



Experience working with each other and for each other in a work environment characterised by mutual support and open communication. Enjoy the family-like atmosphere, which is lived by our long-standing employees and passed on by them to newcomers.

An appreciative management culture


At Generali, dedication and hard work are appreciated, and managers treat you in an open, respectful, motivating manner. You can look forward to being given responsibility and the trust you need to perform your tasks in your own way.


Specialist areas at Generali

What our professionals say

"At Generali, you can take responsibility and contribute ideas right from the start. Every opinion is taken seriously and appreciated. I like the fact that I have a reasonable amount of leeway, as that challenges me and encourages me to move forward every day."


Iris Schuler

"What I especially like at Generali, i.e. HITS, is the positive and personal atmosphere. Every single employee has the opportunity to contribute directly and personally to the company's success. I am privileged to work in an environment in which staff are empowered to work independently."


Patrick Blöchlinger

"At Generali, I particularly like the fact that each day brings new, challenging tasks that let me actively draw on my professional skills. Me and my team colleagues successfully complete projects and enjoy the feeling of having achieved something together. The team spirit is fantastic!"


Karin Barbera