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You know the situation: in a market where everyone is competing for the best talent and managers, employers have to offer that little bit more. Good insurance cover has long since become an essential part of any attractive employee benefits package. As someone who runs a business, you want that cover to be flexible and modular so that you can put together a combination that exactly matches your company’s needs. We help you do just that with our group supplementary risk insurance.

What Generali group supplementary risk insurance covers


Financial protection in the event of death or disability for both your company and employees

Group supplementary risk insurance is flexible and lets you protect your employees or company against the financial consequences of death and disability. You can put together individual cover modules to supplement Pillars 1 and 2 in a way that perfectly matches your company’s needs – offering your employees genuine added value in the process and boosting your reputation as an attractive employer.

How you benefit

For you as an employer

  • Modular design: ful flexibility in putting together the various cover options
  • Company can be named as beneficiary to cushion the financial consequences of a loss of key people or reinsure its own benefit obligations towards employees
  • Different groups of insured persons can be defined, e.g. management, certain business units, part-time staff or internationally mobile employees.
  • Tax advantage: premiums can be deducted as an operating expense
  • Favourable conditions thanks to a group contract
  • Boost your attractiveness as a socially responsible employer
  • Really easy and straightforward admission procedure for groups of 50 or more members (free cover limit)

For your employees

  • Additional insurance cover for death and disability, coordinated with the benefits from the pension fund and any other insurance held by the company
  • Death and disability benefits in the form of a lump-sum payment are an ideal supplement to the daily allowances and pension benefits paid out by social insurance
  • Partial disability benefits from as little as 25% disability
  • A (partial) advance benefit of up to 30% of the insured disability lump sum may be granted in the event of disability not yet qualifying for benefit payments from the Federal Disability Insurance (IV)– at the request of the policyholder (in cases of hardship)
  • Lump-sum benefits are always paid out even if they coincide with benefits from other insurances (no reduction due to overcompensation)
  • Free choice of beneficiaries, e.g. cohabiting partner who doesn’t satisfy the pension fund’s eligibility criteria

What is insured?

Group supplementary risk insurance provides made-to-measure cover for you and your employees. For example, you can take out different types of cover for different groups of employees. Reducing specific gaps in cover can be of particular interest for employees who are not subject to Swiss social insurance. By doing so, you provide your employees with above-average benefits in the event of disability or death. What’s more, your company can also benefit from group supplementary risk insurance by covering itself against the financial consequences of key people becoming disabled or dying.


How are employees insured?

Choose from the following cover options. They can be freely combined:

  • Death lump sum
  • Disability lump sum
  • Disability pension


You also have flexibility in defining the level of insured benefits, e.g.

  • as a % of the AHV salary
  • as a fixed sum insured


What optional extras are available?

The following can be included in all of the cover options:

  • waiver of the obligation to pay premiums in the event of disability
  • accident cover


In real life


Real-life example

Compicom AG, a successful technology company, is a very attractive employer – not least because it offers its staff generous life insurance in the event of disability and death. The company pursues two goals in doing so:

  • improve employee retention through increased attractiveness. After a certain number of years of service, every employee receives a combined disability and death lump sum equal to two years' salary.
  • minimize financial risks. Compicom AG receives compensation if any of its highly qualified specialists falls ill or dies. This means it can cover the high costs associated with finding replacements for key positions.


To make sure staff are very much aware of this insurance, Compicom AG can increase its visibility by adding the company logo and a message of its own to the annual confirmation of cover. The additional benefits enhance the loyalty of the workforce and help Compicom stand out from its competitors in the fiercely competitive market for skilled personnel and managers.


You can take out group supplementary risk insurance for a period of 2 to 5 years. Your contract will then be renewed automatically for one year at a time.

It’s especially designed to provide a better overall employee benefits package for companies with highly qualified employees or talents that are difficult to find on the market.

All businesses wishing to insure at least three people.