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Group supplementary risk insurance

Financial cover in the event of death or disability resulting from sickness or accident for businesses and their employees

Flexible group supplementary risk insurance enables you to protect your employees or your business against the financial consequences of disability or death. The modular structure of this cover means that this supplement to Pillars 1 and 2 can be tailored to your business's specific needs. By doing this, you'll be offering your employees real added value and making yourself more appealing as an employer in a competitive market for specialist staff and managers.

How you benefit

  • Modular structure: complete flexibility in assembling the various types of cover
  • The firm itself can be designated as the beneficiary in order to cushion the financial fallout resulting from the loss of a key person or to reinsure its own pension commitments on the basis of the contract of employment
  • Definition of different categories of insured persons (e.g. management, specified departments, part-time employees, inpats and expats)
  • Tax advantage: Premiums are deductible as business expenditure
  • Favourable conditions thanks to a group contract
  • Business becomes more appealing as an employer

Advantages for your employees

  • Extra insurance cover in the event of death and disability (adapted to benefits from the pension fund and other company insurance)
  • Lump-sum benefits as the ideal supplement to pensions paid by social insurance (AHV/IV, pension fund)
  • Partial disability benefits from as little as 25% disability
  • Possibility of a (partial) advance benefit of up to 30% of the insurance disability lump sum in the event of incapacity to work – at the request of the policyholder (in cases of hardship)
  • Lump-sum benefits are also always paid out even when other insurance benefits are payable at the same time (no reduction due to overinsurance)
  • Free choice of beneficiaries (e.g. cohabiting partners not complying with the pension fund's conditions)

Made-to-measure cover for businesses and their employees

You can tailor group supplementary risk insurance to your specific needs, providing, for example, different types of cover for different categories of employees. You can reduce particular gaps in cover (including for employees who are not subject to Swiss social insurance) and so offer your staff above-average benefits in the event of disability or death. Your company can use COLLECTIVA Risk too, to cover itself against the consequence of the disability or death of key persons.



How group supplementary risk insurance works – a practical example

Compicom AG is a successful tech company and a highly attractive employer – not least because it offers generous life insurance in the event of disability and death. It does so through the COLLECTIVA Risk group supplementary risk insurance that it concluded with Generali. It opted for this insurance for two reasons:

  • to enhance employee loyalty by becoming a more attractive employer: everyone who has worked for it for a specific number of years is eligible for a combined disability and death lump sum equal to two years' salary.
  • to minimise financial risks: if a highly-qualified specialist member of staff becomes disabled or dies, Compicom AG is compensated. This compensation enables it to cover the high costs incurred in finding replacements for key positions.


Compicom AG can make this insurance cover permanently visible to the staff by having its own logo and an individual message added on the annual confirmation of cover. The supplementary benefits enhance employee loyalty and help the firm stand out from its competitors in the fiercely competitive market for skilled staff and managers.




How are the company's employees insured?


  • You have a free choice of the following types of cover (and can combine them as you wish)
  • Lump-sum death benefit 
  • Lump-sum disability benefit
  • Disability pension


  • The amount of insured benefits can be flexibly set, e.g.: 
  • as a % of AHV salary
  • as a fixed insured sum


  • You can also include a premium waiver and accident cover with all insurance. 


  • Simple and customer-friendly admission guidelines for 50 or more persons (Free Cover Limit)

Important questions

Up to the end of the specified term of the contract (2-5 years) with tacit annual renewal.

There are no restrictions: All types of businesses (with at least 3 persons to be covered) can be insured.

Lump-sum cover involves fixed insured amounts. This means that lump-sum benefits are paid out in full even if this results in overcompensation (concurrence with other benefits). By contrast, disability pensions are reduced in accordance with the rules on overcompensation.