Additional payment option for life insurance

The flexible pension supplement: for your financial freedom

Flexible additional payments into the Pillar 3a, additional insurance cover and annual tax optimisation: with the additional payment option for your life insurance, you’re investing in your future and making sure you keep your financial freedom.

Your benefits

  • The ideal supplement to your life insurance
  • Flexible payments into Pillar 3a
  • An increase in your 3a pension assets
  • Tax optimisation
  • Additional protection without a medical examination

Flexible pension supplement and tax optimisation

With the life insurance you already have with Generali, you save a fixed amount each year in Pillar 3a for your pension capital. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could save a bit more to build up more pension capital and optimise your tax payments when you have the possibility to do so? That’s exactly what the additional payment option for life insurance allows you to do. And exactly in the way that suits your financial situation: you decide for yourself how much you want to pay in and when.


Extra security without a fixed commitment

The additional payment option is the ideal supplement to your existing life insurance. You benefit from flexibility and additional security: when you retire you have more pension capital; in the event of your death, your loved ones are better protected; and each year you make tax savings. And all without having to enter into a fixed commitment. Because if there comes a time when you want to use your money for something else, you don’t need to make any additional payments. With the additional payment option for life insurance, you always keep the financial freedom you want.

How does the additional payment option for life insurance work?

Payment in Thanks to this supplementary contract, you have the possibility to make additional payments into your Pillar 3a at any time. You can choose how much you want to pay in, starting from a minimum amount of CHF 500.–. You enjoy full freedom and flexibility and can even choose not to pay anything in.
3a transfer You can transfer your entire 3a balance to Generali so that you have a better overview and the administration becomes easier. The minimum amount you can transfer is CHF 10 000.–.
Investment plan You decide how your pension capital is invested. You can choose your investment plan from Generali: whether it be a security-oriented option or a riskier return-oriented one.
Tax advantages You save tax on the amount paid in and on your fixed life insurance premium. You can find the current statutory maximum amounts here.
Pay-out Your savings are paid out together with your existing pension solution, when you purchase residential property or if you become self-employed.
Risk protection In the event of death, Generali pays a fixed amount, just like with your life insurance. You get this additional protection without having to take a medical examination.

Only when it’s right for you: flexible payments into Pillar 3

Facts & figures

CHF 500.– (minimum amount)
Maximum amount for all Pillar 3a accounts must be taken into


3a transfer:
CHF 10 000.– (minimum amount)
CHF 300 000.– (maximum amount without medical examination)

10 – 45 years (final age under Pillar 3a must be taken into
account), until maturity of the basic contract at the latest. The
last additional payment is possible 4 years before maturity.

From 18 onwards.

Women: 64 / Men: 65 or up to 69 / 70 if the insured person
remains in employment.

Pillar 3a (qualified provident insurance).

The Pillar 3a statutory beneficiary rules apply.

Surrender / partial surrender is possible at any time. The Pillar
3a conditions must be complied with.

Premiums are deductible from taxable income up to the statutory maximum amount. You can find the current statutory maximum amounts here.
The capital paid out is taxed at a lower rate. No tax is payable during the term of the contract.