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Pet insurance


Is the health and well-being of your pets important to you? Then protect them. Get covered with the PRISMA Flex pet insurance and know that your faithful friends are in safe hands in an emergency.



Your pet deserves professional support when they need it. Unfortunately, accidents and illness often occur suddenly and can be very costly – leaving people without the necessary funds to pay for expensive treatment.


That’s why Generali has developed its pet insurance cover, allowing you to provide your cat or dog with the best possible medical treatment if they get sick or are involved in an accident – without you having to worry about high costs.


Veterinary costs
(included in the basic cover)

Costs are covered for emergency transport, hospital stays, medical treatment, x-rays and homoeopathy in the event of an accident and/or illness up to the selected maximum of CHF 2,000 or CHF 5,000 per year.

Vaccinations and therapy
(included in the basic cover)

Costs are covered for vaccinations, physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Additional cover

If desired, Generali will also cover the costs for the treatment of genetic diseases as well as the search costs in the event of loss or theft, and will pay a death benefit.

PET Assistance

Generali's PET Assistance hotline is available for you to call around the clock in the event your pet or the pet owner is lost, sick, in an accident or dies. For example, Generali will handle: the search for a nearby vet, the transport of the animal to/from the nearest treatment centre, accommodation for the pet owner in the event of the animal having to stay in hospital, assumption and advance payment of the costs in medical emergencies, dog sitting, care of the animal in the event of illness, accident or death, or if the pet owner has to travel urgently, etc.