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Cyber insurance

Surf the internet safely

Surf on the internet with peace of mind. Thanks to the new cyber insurance PRISMA Flex, you can enjoy comprehensive protection and count on professional support in the case of fraud or loss of data. So a click in the wrong place doesn’t have far-reaching consequences.  



We carry out many of our everyday activities online. Emails, social media platforms, online purchases and e-banking all now form part and parcel of our daily lives. And the risks that accompany these activities are just as commonplace: cyber-crime ranges from fraudulent e-mails, viruses and credit card abuse to data and identity theft.


Generali’s cyber insurance protects you from these risks with comprehensive, worldwide coverage – so you and your family can use the internet on your computer or smartphone worry-free and at any time. When you take out Generali’s cyber insurance cover, you’ll also benefit from a qualified contact person, who will support you over the phone or by email with questions relating to hardware and software; for example, how to remove malware, set up backup, or solve problems with your devices.


Assumption of costs for the restoration of data

We pay the costs incurred in restoring data after damage or loss. If, for instance, you lose access to your computer due to a virus.

Assumption of costs in the case of unauthorized use of credit card data

We pay the costs incurred by you as a result of unauthorised use of your credit or debit card on the internet. For instance, if a third party goes shopping online and pays with your Visa card without your consent.

Assumption of costs in the case of unauthorized use of private access data

We pay the costs incurred by you if a third party makes unauthorised use of your personal authentication data. For instance, if someone logs on to Amazon with your data and orders goods in your name.

Cyber legal protection

If you become a victim of internet crime, we offer legal protection and take the necessary legal steps on your behalf. For instance, against online shops that fail to deliver goods, against fraudsters who conclude contracts in your name, or against people who bully your child online.

IT assistance

Help over the phone or by e-mail with any questions you have about hardware, software and the internet. For instance, we help you to back up your data online, configure your computer or remove malware.