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Business inventory & business third-party liability insurance

Flexible cover for your business

As a business owner, you take important decisions each day to advance your business. Your business inventory and business third-party liability insurance give you the security that your business and inventory are comprehensively protected against property damage and personal injury, business interruptions or damage to IT devices. All in one policy – it couldn't be simpler.

How you benefit

  • Secure, simple, flexible insurance cover
  • Choice of five modules
  • Company start-up discount
  • Optimum insurance cover for small and medium-sized enterprises

The security package for your business

The business inventory and business third-party liability insurance is specially designed to meet the needs of SMEs. Secure your company against the financial consequences of unforeseeable events.


Your business inventory and business third-party liability insurance can be made up of the following modules:

  • Public liability insurance: This module lets you protect yourself against the financial consequences of personal injury and property damage arising from your business activities and your business premises.
  • Business inventory: Your equipment is insured at replacement value and your goods are insured at market price against the risks of fire, burglaries, water and glass breakages. You can also get extended cover to insure your inventory, for example against civil unrest and malicious damage.
  • Business interruptions: Business interruption insurance compensates for loss of earnings resulting from a full or partial business interruption resulting from an insured loss; the standard guarantee period is 24 months.
  • Electronic equipment: These are insured against damage or destruction resulting from being dropped, overloading, vandalism, etc. For other types of machine, it is possible to conclude TECHNICA extended insurance cover for technical equipment.
  • Transport and business travel: Your personal effects and goods are insured against destruction, damage and loss at replacement value for the duration of your business journey.


Because the business inventory and business third-party liability insurance offers comprehensive cover

The individual insurance modules can be combined to offer SMEs a comprehensive security package, allowing gaps in cover, underinsurance or duplicated insurance to be avoided.


How MODULA business inventory and business third-party liability insurance works – an example

Ms Bridge owns a beauty salon. Following a short circuit, a fire breaks out on the premises during the night.


As a result, her entire inventory is destroyed and all of the interior fittings of the salon, including the dividing walls, need to be replaced.


But there's no need for her to worry. We're there for her and will not only replace the value of the items that were destroyed, but also reimburse

  • the costs of the clean-up,
  • the inventory,
  • the new dividing walls, including their installation
  • and the loss of earnings on the days on which the beauty salon is closed.


Summary of the details

What benefits does business inventory and business third-party liability insurance offer?

  • The possibility of merging the most important insurance covers in a single policy, meaning you only have one contact partner.
  • Insuring the business inventory at replacement value


Every company is assessed individually based on its risks.

Important questions

The insurance comes into force on the date indicated in the policy. Your business inventory is insured at the locations indicated in the policy and for goods in circulation for a maximum of 24 months throughout the world.


The business liability insurance covers damage throughout the world with the exception of the US and Canada.

The policy can be concluded for a term of one to five years.

SMEs active in crafts, construction, trade and services.

The premium amount depends on the risks insured and, in particular, on the covers selected. Depending on the number of insurance modules, you also benefit from a combination discount.

Additional options