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Real estate insurance


If you manage large property portfolios, you will particularly appreciate the benefits of our real estate insurance. Thanks to the intuitively designed online tool, you can manage your property portfolio around the clock with substantially increased efficiency. You also benefit from tailored and attractively priced insurance coverage. Exactly where and how you need it!


  • Tailored insurance solutions: Working together we establish the needs of your portfolio and compile coverage packages on this basis.
  • Flexibility: The insurance coverage has a modular structure and can be adjusted at any time.
  • Premium advantage: The risk profiles of the individual properties and size of your property portfolio have an impact on the premium amount.
  • Time saving: You save time thanks to the easy management of insurance coverage and claims using an online tool, 24/7, whenever you need it.
  • Full transparency: All relevant data is up to date and can be viewed at a single glance.

In practice


Practical example

It is 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening but business can’t wait and John Sample of Sample Property Management is still at the office.

The phone rings: a customer wants to entrust him with the management of a new multi-family house. To ensure immediate and optimum insurance coverage, Mr Sample opens the online tool and enters the new building in the “Multi-family house” usage profile. This allows Mr Sample to tell the customer during the phone call that the property has been fully insured and to e-mail the customer an insurance certificate. Of course, bearing the Sample Property Management logo.


As a property manager you can manage a portfolio belonging to several owners or, if you are an owner, you can manage your own property portfolio consisting of at least 20 properties efficiently and 24/7, using an online tool.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the insurance modules flexibly.


Property types covered by the insurance: Buildings, condominium property furniture, technical equipment and gardens and crops.


Indispensable basic cover: Fire, water, glass breakage, break-in, protection against damage caused by natural hazards (e.g. hail, flooding, avalanches).


Particularly relevant supplementary insurance for property owners & managers:

  • Loss of rental income due to damage incurred
  • Damage to the insured building due to conversion
  • Building and builder's liability insurance (damage by third parties)
  • Legal protection for real estate owners for disputes related to declared premises
  • All-risk water damage insurance, including settlement of the consequential costs incurred and search for the cause of the damage
  • You present your property portfolio to us and we, working together with you, define one or more purposes of use (e.g. “home”, “office building”).
  • Individual coverage packages are put together for each purpose of use, which are then set out in a framework agreement.
  • Using our online tool you can add new buildings, adjust the coverage for existing buildings and report claims, independently and at any time.
  • The size of your property portfolio and the risk profiles it contains have a material impact on an attractive premium.
  • You have a clear overview of the current contractual details at all times, which gives you unrestricted control over coverage, sums insured, premiums and deductibles.
  • You can easily create the insurance certificates often demanded for financing purposes yourself electronically, 24/7.
  • You save time even when making a claim using the online tool.