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Group buildings insurance

All your property under one roof

As a property owner or manager seeking a time-saving solution for the protection and management of your real estate, you would be well-advised to take out Generali group buildings insurance, as it allows you to manage all your property under one roof.

Your benefits

  • Complete flexibility to create one or several insurance coverage packages customised to your specific needs
  • Coverage can be adapted over the course of the contract
  • Attractive rates based on the size and risk profile of your real estate portfolio
  • Time-saving thanks to centralised management of your policies and claims via a secure IT platform
  • Easy-to-operate risk management thanks to access to data on the cost-effectiveness of building coverage

Tailored protection

Select the protection you need from a broad range of indispensable and voluntary coverages, including for buildings, contents of condominium ownership, technical installations, gardens and crops, as well as coverage in the event of fire, water damage, broken glass, theft, loss of rental income and construction work. You can also include a civil liability cover for buildings and builders, as well as a legal protection insurance covering areas of law that apply specifically to real estate owners.



A scalable IT solution for managing all your insurance affairs

Create one or several insurance coverage packages according to the different building profiles of your property portfolio, which are then grouped under one single group insurance contract. You can easily add new buildings or change the covers of your existing buildings.

In order to benefit from even more attractive premiums, you can plan the integration of additional properties in advance, according to the expiration dates of your currently in force individual insurance policies. You will profit from even better rates because they are not exclusively based on your building’s risk profile, but also take the size and structure of your portfolio into account. You will also save time when submitting your claims to Generali, by automatically generating insurance certificates and having a full overview of your buildings insurance information, including coverage, premiums, deductibles and coverage limits.

REALIA group buildings insurance at a glance

At real estate managers with a portfolio of at least 20 buildings

Any of the following:

  • Building protection
  • content of a condominium ownership
  • technical installations, gardens and crops, as well as coverage in the event of fire
  • water damage
  • broken glass
  • theft
  • construction work
  • loss of rental income
  • There is also the option to include a civil liability cover for buildings and builders, as well as legal protection insurance


Three years, renewable on a yearly basis

  • flexible coverage catalogue
  • centralised management via a Web interface
  • favourable rates in accordance with portfolio size
  • option to extend coverage limits by means of an additional premium

The simple and intelligent solution for your real estate portfolio:
one contract for all properties